Charlaine Harris Books In Order


Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Series
Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 12)
Dead Reckoning

(2011,Book 11)
Dead In The Family

(2010,Book 10)
Dead And Gone

From Dead To Worse

(2008,Book 8 )
All Together Dead

(2007,Book 7)
Definately Dead

Dead As A Doornail

(2005,Book 5)
Dead To The World

(2004,Book 4)
Club Dead

Living Dead In Dallas

(2002,Book 2)
Dead Until Dark

(2001,Book 1)
Harper Connelly Mysteries
Grave Secret

(2009,Book 4)
An Ice Cold Grave

(2007,Book 3)
Grave Surprise

(2006,Book 2)
Grave Sight

(2005,Book 1)
Lily Bard (Shakespeare) Series
Shakespeare’s Counselor

(2001,Book 5 )
Shakespeare’s Trollop

(2000,Book 4)
Shakespeare’s Christmas

Shakespeare’s Champion

(1997,Book 2)
Shakespeare’s Landlord

(1996,Book 1)
Aurora Teagarden Series
Poppy Done To Death

(2003,Book 8 )
Last Scene Alive

(2002,Book 7)
A Fool And His Honey

(1999,Book 6)
Dead Over Heals

(1996,Book 5)
The Julius House

(1995,Book 4)
Three Bedrooms,
One Corpse

A Bone To Pick

(1992,Book 2)
Real Murders

(1990,Book 1)



This author has had a tremendous run of success with her writing career. Aside from 2 outlying books in the early 80s, her writing career didn’t take off until 1990 with the first book release in the Aurora Teagarden series. Since that time, the list of Charlaine Harris books in order has become quite extensive and very popular.

Charlaine Harris started the first series with Aurora Teagarden. She wrote a total of 8 novels for that series from 1990 through 2003. As far as murder mysteries go, this series was lighter than and not as hardened as many typical murder series. Aurora Teagarden is a simple librarian with a flair solving mysteries and uncovering those unwanted secrets that lead to a fun book series from start to finish.

The author followed up this series with the introduction of the Lily Bard series. Harris wrote 5 books for this series from 1996 through 2001. She also added in a short story that was published in a magazine. The series centers around Lily, a seemingly simple cleaning woman who is keen on her own privacy. The series unfolds to reveal a deeply layered and well thought out character by Harris.

Following her Lily Bard series, Harris started the Southern Vampire Mysteries series that yields her much fame and notoriety. Better known as the Sookie Stackhouse series, Harris has published 11 books from 2001 to 2011. A twelfth book is due to be released in May of 2012. Harris has also written several short stories based on the character of Sookie, a telepathic waitress.

In my opinion, this Sookie Stackhouse series is a huge marketing success for the author. Cable TV has a series that has been running for the past 3 years based on the writings of Charlaine Harris. That has to be a huge measure of success.

During this current run of success, Harris also introduced the Harper Connelly Mysteries series. So far, Harris has written 4 books for this series which features the main character, who after being struck by lightning, can locate dead bodies. Sounds like the makings for an awesomely unique series of writings!

Dan Brown New Book

If you haven’t heard, the only Dan Brown new book that is out is the Lost Symbol. The only problem, that book has been out for a couple of years. And just from a personal perspective, I am excited to hear about the next installment in the Dan Brown books list.

Sure, Dan Brown is really good at weaving a thriller that keeps everyone turning the pages of his novels. And his publicity helps to build the hype. But whether you love him, hate him, or just want to see what next adventure he is writing about, you have to admit the man is successful.

With over 60 million books in print, that is a successful career on anyone’s success meter. And as far as I can remember, I don’t remember hearing too much about Dan Brown until his book The Da Vinci Code was made into a movie. Before that, I had never heard of him.

Lucky for me, I always have to see what everyone is talking about, so I picked up a copy and thoroughly enjoyed the book. Then I snagged all of the other Dan Brown books. Each book was just as entertaining as the one before it.
Even his first book was a big hit with me. And from my experience, the first book from an author is always a little incomplete or missing something, like extra flair or pizazz. That opinion isn’t meant as an insult, but most authors haven’t come into their true skills until they have experience.

So since Dan Brown has written 5 books so far, I hope that a 6th book is coming soon. And I am sure it will be filled with controversial, thought provoking plots and background. And here is a good reason why it should be filled with controversy. If it has worked so well for him in the past, why would the next Dan Brown new book change a huge winning formula? His book sales speaks for itself!

Dan Brown Books


Whether you have read any of the Dan Brown books or not, you have probably heard the hype regarding this bestselling author. And the hype isn’t always good. In fact, some of the comments from the Dan Brown critics can be downright nasty at times.

But don’t let that deter you!

Here is my point.

Yes, Dan Brown wrote two controversial books. The ‘da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons’. These two books alone have brought him much notoriety. He ruffled the feathers of many Christians in the world with his slanted views of some church doctrine.

But he is a fiction writer! He is allowed to ask questions. He is allowed to pose different ideas and thoughts.
With this stirring up of the pot, he has created something much better than just a best-selling novel. He has created free controversy. With this controversy comes the sale of books.

Millions and millions of book sales.

But wait, he has written other books that have nothing to do with the church, or the Christian faith, or deities of any kind.

Dan Brown

In fact, he has three other books out that in my opinion are incredibly great books. These other Dan Brown books have flown under the radar until recently when the latest book, ‘The Lost Symbol’, combined many aspects of the Freemasons with the Christian religion.

It seems Brown has a good combination of publicity combined with a loyal following of readers to score major successes with his books.

That makes 2 out of 5 Dan Brown novels to be made into movies. Not too bad considering many authors never gain this kind of success over an entire career of writing.


So, no matter what you have heard or what your personal opinions are of the Dan Brown books, there is one thing you cannot dispute. He is a wildly successful author. He sells a boatload of these books too.

Controversy has become his friend when it comes to marketing these fast reading books. If you haven’t read any of his books, pick one up today and see what everyone is talking about!

Dan Brown Book List